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. that is the fact of the matter. >> didn't bill clinton do that? >> yes. >> why are you yelling at me? >> i'm not yelling. >> yes, you are. you're scaring me. >> what is interesting is when he listed the names, he said and mitch, that is mitch -- >> mitch mcconnell. i notice that. >> what is interesting he didn't have a meeting with him for 18 months. >> right. so now it's mitch? >> i'm doing for the republican what is i would have been doing for the democrats, both if the democrats decided to come here. they decided they would only come here if the mayor refused to allow republicans to come here. that is outrageous. so they went to boston. boston is a nice town. nice town. [ laughter ] can't compare. >> eric: i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, andrea tantaros, bob beckel, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. guess what? this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: so, you getting ready for big game this weekend? i know i am. i'm stumped to watch the niners beat up on the ravens. so bob has to wear a belly shirt around the building. a game i'm really looking forward to gets underway bef
look at it. >> i would ask him if he agrees with secretary of state or former now, clinton's assessment that we are int a global war against radical islamic jihaddist and get him to acknowledge it and say the words and then i would ask him about what she said today. she took a smack at anyone who criticized her, so i assume ay. lot of us sitting around this table and she said that anyoneha who criticized her does not livs in an evidence-based world and we have ase refusal to, quote, accept the facts and were unfortunate and regrettable. i would askab him about that. >> how about you, mr. robert beckel? >> first of all, this is for the super bowl, i'm not sure these kind of questions are the kind of things people want to hear out there. i know we're going to talk about this. by theno w way, i ain't wearingo belly shirt. >> thank god. >> i didn't agree. >> you stiffed me, i'm giving you 7 points. >> that's your fault. it's too bad you didn't follow the line. that's not my problem. no belly shirt. >> you have 5 1/2. >> i think i would go back and ask him the question about his son he would
and the president is our boss and our father, by that logic, bush was also our boss and our father. >> and clinton. >> was your boss and father. >> how weird. >> possibly. more like he had you dress up like a boss. >> if hillary clinton is president? >> she's our mommy. >> she's your mama, eric. >> get me in trouble. >> do you think he would agree that bush was your father? of course not. he just likes obama. >> then he would have had a -- maybe there was like a big he had pus complex going on because he would have hated his father or something like that or his mother or whatever it is. why do they come to washington? people do listen to them. like when we started with mumia, people do want to hear what people that they've watched on television or in movies or that they respect -- the funny thing for me is whenever i hear chris rock, i'm waiting for the punch line. >> that might have been the punch line. >> that's a strange view of the american government. >> trying to get a lower voice. i guess maybe -- i'm all for people testifying in favor of gun control. but i still don't know if -- does anybo
with secretary of state, or former now, clinton's assessment we are in a global war against radical islamic jihadist. i would get him to acknowledge it and say the word. i'd ask what about she said today. took a smack at anyone criticizing her. she said that anyone who criticized her does not live in an evidence-based world. we have a refusal to accept the facts and we're unfortunate and regrettable. i'd ask about that. ask him about that. >> eric: how about you, mr. robert g. beckel? >> bob: this is just before the super bowl. i'm not sure these are the questions people want to hear out there. it know we'll talk about this in a second. by the way, i ain't wearing no belly shirt around. i never agreed to that. >> andrea: thank god. >> eric: you stiffed me. i am giving you seven points. >> bob: too bad you didn't follow the line. that is not my problem. no belly shirts. guarantee you that. >> kimberly: 5-1/2. duh. >> bob: i would ask the question about son why he wouldn't want to play football. does he think the game is get toog rough. >> eric: good. head injuries and trauma. >> bob: concuss
and bill clinton is coming in like here i am. >> dana: they said they wanted to have fun. did you think it was funny? kili enjoyed it. >> dana: bob, did you love it? >> bob: nope. greg, we don't hate you. we don't. not all liberal hate you. i don't. >> greg: the stuff you get on twitter i've been getting for years. >> bob: i've been getting it for years, too. i would say that paul harvey ad was wonderfully beautiful patriotic ad. sorry to see they took it and turned in a political stat statement. >> dana: ve a group hugular. >> greg: i invented that. >> dana: i love it. hugular. very good. everyone will do it later. maybe not. papal resignation that surprised the world. is there a chance an american could replace pope bend bend? benedict? we take a look when we come back. ♪ ♪ hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more ti
clinton drone on and on at the "state of the union." he said in conclusion and people clapped. we have seen the president chew nicorette gum at prayer breakfast. but no media pondering about that or the end of their careers. is this a big distraction because rubio a rising star? >> dana: this is a great way not to learn any policy that you have to talk about. just talk about rubio. you take a risk when you say you will do the response. the only reason any of the responses will you're a democrat or republican is if they are memorable is because something went wrong or something was weird. if he hadn't taken the drink of water they would haven't talked about him for 20 seconds. but instead they piled on. the piling on, you kind of expect it. i love how rubio's office handled it. with humor and god reminds you how you're human at odd times. but when the white house piled on, i thought that was not -- i don't think it represented president obama well. they could have taken the high road and said everyone gets thirsty and let it go. instead they look like total jerks. >> andrea: this is sta
to ruin yours. bill clinton did his. >> the press jumped on you good. made a series of jokes you know the next night. >> the truth is i did it on purpose. it always wanted to be on this show in the worst way. >> neil: i think he went on to something a few years later. just like his wimpy predecessor, who could never win the white house but did. and that clueless "b" movie actor who could never win the role of a lifetime but did twice. you think lesson learned now. they would get laughed at, at the last laugh. be careful saying that marco is a zero for grasping h2o. maybe the media's looking at his parched lips rather that what is coming out of the lips proves his critics are clueless. how can he have a laugh at his own expense, unless he senses he will have the last laugh. this guy is still laughing. i suspect those who thought he drowned in his attacks will be failing. >> twitter went a little bit wild. you tweeted out the water bottle yourself. you got it there again. you know you have shown an ability to laugh at yourself, do you have to add to a add to the tweet from last night? >
mentoring, where politicians -- it started with bill clinton where you helped young women learn the laws of supply and demand using bodies as commodities. >> an emersion program. >> a fact-finding mission. >> definitely. they always say vast right wing conspiracy when they're guilty. anthony weiner and media manner laughing until andrew breitbart had pictures then media i can't matters had to scurry under a rock. i have a feeling menendez will have to apologize to a few people. >> what they have so far is $58,000 that menendez reimburse add doctor for and flights to the dominican republic. beyond that there's not a scintilla of evidence. >> that's not true. i would point out -- >> tell me what the evidence is. >> today the story was a actual testimony from a girl who said they had sex with senator menendez at 16 years old. as much as we want to joke about fact finding missions, he could not be patronizing prostitutes. he could be a pedophile. abc news had the story in may 2012. the daily collar has been going to the dominican republic. martha ratties had an interview with senator menende
with obama, watch. >> hey, did you see president obama and hillary clinton on 60 minutes gushing over each other. then i saw a commercial earlier today. >> a moment that starts off ordinary can become something sl special. it might come from a smile. a glance. [ laughter ] >> and when it does, you'll be ready with cialis. [ laughter ] >> oh, jay. if we would have done that we would have been trouble. >> i'm already going to be fired. >> you are not going to be fired. let's go to andrea. >> andrea: with the internet and all these social mediums we talk about how young people are not learning how to read and write. one buffalo, new york elementary school decided to teach kids grammar by correcting tweets from n.f.l. athletes. look at the first tweet by chris the same one that was in trouble for anti-gay comment. he says, i play to god i'm never dying broke. you can have a field day with grammar mistakes. this one, i could be a lot better but with the football. they fixed that one. and walker, merry christmas to everyone, may god bless you all. they could have a field day with mine. i am alwa
. hillary clinton. >> greg: that went over my head but i'm short. stay on top of this. coke ad, this is what the arabic groups are mad about. you first, eric. because you can vote for groups to win, you couldn't vote for the guy on the camel. that's what is offensive. it's exclusionary. >> eric: people in both ads, less about what they are saying that they are probably not outraged, the group is probably not outraged, i don't think it'srace. the food group doesn't think that veggies' feelings will be hurt. this is more about them making it, using it to create awareness. they think if they make a big stink about veggies people will pay more attention to what they eat. that is the game plan. with respect the arab one that they call racism on it, people will pay more attention to the way they treat arabs. >> dana: and camels. >> eric: and camels. wasn't there nothing out this week a group that advocate for them felt like islamists was -- islam is racist and offensive. islam. >> bob: i don't know what the problem is here. don't get mad here. what is the problem? you got to chill out, everybody.
: this is a good book and has a great passage from president clinton in it and the whole idea of how technology bringing government and getting citizens involved and using smart technology to make daily lives better. smarter governor, more efficient. >> eric: heartthrob bob is up. >> bob: on sunday night, the national geographic channel is running a movie based on bill o'reilly's book "killing lincoln." my brother graham is one of the starring roles in that movie. i'm proud of him. i think he will do great. i shouldn't say watch it, because you're supposed to be watching fox but watch it.
of getting it through. >> andrea: they backed off a little bit. bill clinton came out and said be careful, it could backfire. when they released the picture of the president shooting he was trying to tone down the rhetoric and pushback from the 32 executive orders. we are going to keep on this. we believe they are right. they are going to keep going. anytime something like aaron comes out -- >> kimberly: evan todd. >> andrea: there are more people coming out in the future telling their personal stories. if you look at the 32 executive orders that the president put out, evan is right. not up with of those things in the executive order would have stopped the killer. he said criminals and murders will always find a way. how do you protectish? put guards at the school. sandy hook decided to do it. let every school make that decision. >> kimberly: bob? >> bob: with all due respect evan todd, he comes out against background checks. it would have stopped people who did columbine and it would have stop the kid that shot up university of virginia. >> kimberlyvirginia >> andrea: there was assault w
is not a majority message in america. it never will be. the way the democrats came back in '92 with bill clinton is move from left to center left coalition. republicans have any success they have to move to the center right coalition. they can't be dominated by their right. if they are, they lose. because the right is almost all white. and you can't win in this country anymore with all white electorate. >> dana: vanilla coke, you mean. let me say for example, herman cain ran last year. okay? former ceo of godfather's pizza. as long as you run for office, he wasn't successful to get a big coalition behind him there is change afoot. the liberals and the media talk about how wonderful it to have different voices. unless it's the republican party, then it's hilarious. look at the infighting. at least the republican party is vibrant with different point of view. if you look at the democrats it's ideological lock step. >> bob: where is the vibrancy you are talking about? >> greg: there are people arguing with each other. you don't see it on the left. look how obama is treated when it comes to drones.
-presidents. remember bill and hillary clinton when they were in the white house? they were billed as the deal to end all deals for voters. what a deal. two for the price of one. then came hillary's healthcare debacle and one had to sneak out of the bench. we catholics like to say our popes are infallible, but that does not mean they still can't be gullible. especially when those two believe they could work alongside each other like a vet can hot couple and not end up -- vatican odd couple and not drive each other cross. who is felix and who is oscar? i'm told benedict is uncontrollable neat freak. real neat freak. my bet is he is felix. i don't mean to sound irrev respect or sacrilegious but bet the rosary beads this will get bumpy. you don't have to be catholic to see catastrophe. he is so close, he can just whisper, this leads me to believe the new pope's heavenly patience with the old pope will soon pop. before long, benedict will be set up in a nice condo, maybe far away on a high mountain, where he can be just left to pray. mark my words. this will not work out. some moving out of the vatican.
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)